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Test Play Site

This is our (SylSpace) test site, with code on github. It is safe to authenticate and register yourself. The site is run by Ivo Welch, UCLA. For more information, please click on About Us below, and then read the linked FAQ.

Registration allows you to try out the student perspective for our sample course—innovatively named corpfin:intro. A typical quiz looks like this rendering. These equizzes are a great self-test resource for all introductory corporate finance students in their own right, regardless of where they are learning corporate finance.

If you are an instructor, you can also obtain access for your own tailored course site. This allows you to post and change equizzes (sample source), see what your students are answering, distribute homeworks and collect student answers, etc. The web interface is far simpler and more pleasing than anything else out there. has practically zero learning curve. If interested, please email to ask me for your own instructor site. Include a preferred name (such as '') and a gmail address (such as

In summer 2017, the site and VM will be regularly destroyed and rebuilt, so please do not store anything valuable here. If you stumble upon little or not-so-little bugs, please let me know.