What is SylSpace on syllabus.space?
It is a third-generation web course management system, with an intentional focus on ease-of-use and simplicity. The webapp software SylSpace, the main site designed to run it is syllabus.space (You are currently running it on syllabus.space) There is almost no learning curve involved in using the system.

Its most important functionalities are:

  • A messaging system from instructor to students (to avoid spam filters and emails).
  • An equiz system to allow instructors to design and post quizzes, in which the question numbers can change with each browser refresh.
  • A file posting system, both for tasks and homeworks [with student-uploadable responses] and for useful files (such as a syllabus, a class faq, etc).
  • A grading platform which allows instructors to keep track of task grades and allows students to see their grades as they are entered.
  • Addable links to further content elsewhere.
Instructors can ignore facilities that they are not interested in. Students can enroll in courses only with an instructor-set coursesecret when set (or any if none set). The typical webapp comes with the corporate finance course for student self-testing without course password.

Personalized Instructor Sites

Instructors can also obtain their own tailored course sites. Course sites allow posting and changing equizzes, seeing student answers, distributing homeworks, collecting student answers, and posting grades. The web interface is far simpler (no learning curve!) and more pleasing than anything else out there. Click here for more information.

If you want to obtain a personalized instructor site, please email ivo.welch@gmail.com. You must include the following information:

  1. A gmail address (to authenticate into your site);
  2. a link to a university site so that I can confirm your identity (the site gives access to quizzes which includes answers); and
  3. A desired course name. Your private website should be named something like http://welch-mfe404s1-2018.ucla.${\sitename}.

More FAQ information is provided to logged-in users.