super magic


This script helps the site administrator turn into any user. This is useful for debugging purposes—when someone sents an email to the admin that they are x and can no longer do y, the site admin can become x and replicate y.

Obviously this is a tightly controlled script. It is completely useless without direct offline control on the server.

Offline Instructions

Please create a file $var/tmp/magictoken (var is the installation directory) that contains two lines:

   ip: the IP address from which you will browse
   then: who you want to become

What will happen

When this is done, refresh this page or hit

If the $var/tmp/magictoken file exists, and if you are the 'now', you will become the 'then', the file will be deleted, and you will be returned to /auth/goclass. Otherwise, you will remain here at this URL. All access control is via IP only at this moment.

Server Time: Sun May 26 20:03:03 2024